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Atlanta, Georgia


Friday, March 15 - Sunday, March 17, 2019!


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Register for LLC 2019

Early Bird: $99 + $7.57 fee. Ends: August 31, 2018.


Volunteer today by reaching out to our volunteer coordinator. LeatherLeadershipVolunteers

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Call for Presenters!

Presenter Application Now Online!

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Annual Conference

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ANNUAL CONFERENCE  2019 Logo 450x450

Overview of what is in store for you for LLC XXIII in 2019!

2019 will mark the 5th year that LLC has claimed Atlanta as its home!

Doing so has made it possible to keep conference costs low and as a result you will find very attractive registration and hotel rates.

Stay tuned for more information!


Atlanta minds


CONTACT US contact us icon1

Do you have a question, concern, suggestion or a compliment you'd like to share?

We want to hear from you!

Subject line defines who will handle it.
Please choose one of the following to direct your email to appropriate person:

  • ACCOMMODATION (ASL, visual assistance etc)

Not listed? Please define your email in subject line to expedite response time & go HERE!



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2019 Registration Grants

These grants are available because of the foresight of the 2009 Local Organizing Committee (LOC) who designated $20,000 made possible in part through the generosity of the Lloyd E Russell Foundation.


Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport


HOTEL  r1 Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport daytime

HOST HOTEL:  Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport
1325 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30344, US

Crown Plaza is  now accepting hotel reservations for our upcoming event at the special rate of only $102 a day!  Parking is discounted to our attendees as well.

Through this website you can book, modify or cancel your hotel reservations at any time and receive updated information about the event.

We look forward to seeing you!

Register now and secure your room at a special rate.  No charges made until time of event.

Make sure you are not left without a room at the inn!



Piedmont Park Atlanta


BREAKING NEWS!  Breaking News 250

Open Call For Presenters!

LLC Wants You!
Friday, March 17 - Sunday, March 17, 2018.

It’s that time of year again and LLC is inviting you to submit a proposal for the 2019 conference. The theme this year is "Heritage" representing a focus on the older generations of our community. We hope you will review the conference tracks and submit your proposal keeping those things in mind:

  • Organizers
  • Presenters
  • Vendors
  • Event Producers
  • Activists
  • Community Volunteers
  • Kink Leadership - Current and Future
  • Next Gen
  • Elders

Do you have knowledge or experience in these areas?
Do you have a class that you feel would be valuable to presenters and organizers in our community?
Do you have insight to share with current or upcoming community leaders?

How do you get to the Online Presenter application?
Please fill out the Presenter Application online here.

DEADLINE for proposals is August 31, 2018.

Presenter compensation varies by how many classes you will be presenting, but everyone who contributes to our community and this convention always receives our undying thanks as we pay forward what we've come to learn along the way.

LLC is an all volunteer 501c3 organization.

Stay Tuned Here For More Breaking News!


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Mansfield Ballroom


PRESENTERS  meeting icon 239


Keynote Speakers

Dorian Gray ~2019 Keynote Speaker Dorian Grey

Mr. Tri-State Leather 2017 and Mr. Cincinnati Leather 2016, Dorian Gray, advocates passionately for community members of all background to achieve equity and equality, working to connect his fellow LGBTQAI+ family members with the resources and organizations they need to survive and thrive. With eleven years of service in the medical field, Dorian currently works directly with underserved women to provide them with high quality Ob/Gyn care. Over the last year, Dorian has been curating and promotion a directory composed of local providers that self-identify as LGBTQAI+ and HIV+ friendly. He also promotes racial awareness in several ways, including leading a cultural panel last year, which shared the stories of ten people of color from across the Tri-State region. Dorian’s experiences with discrimination in and out of the medical field are the driving force behind his community efforts. He wants to ensure that all people feel important, valued, and safe so that they can have the best life possible.


Judy Tallwing McCarthey ~

Judy has been a true Renaissance person, succeeding in enough careers to satisfy a dozen high achievers. She ran her own construction company for a number of years, then operated Mr S Leather in San Francisco, designing innovative toys and tools. She became the executive director of a domestic violence victims program in Washington, and finally created a no-kill animal shelter, running it for 15 years, culminating in 6 weeks rescuing people and their pets in Louisiana after Katrina. Throughout her life Judy has been an artist, drawing on her Native American heritage for inspiration. The Heard Museum in Arizona and the Smithsonian both house early paintings of Judy’s, and she currently shows regularly at the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore.

Of Apache, Tewa, and African descent, she was raised in a desert encampment at the foot of the Bradshaw Mountains. Raised from earliest days to become her clan’s matriarch, trained in Medicine by her Grandmother, she ran wild in the desert with her pack of 14 dogs. When authorities placed her in boarding schools she ran away at the first opportunity, quickly gaining a reputation as an incorrigibly stubborn child who loved to read but had no use for school, and who, worse still, drew the other girls to her like flies to honey. The lovestruck girls named her the King of Hearts, which the educators responded to by placing her in solitary confinement for nearly a year when she was 12. When she finally was released she fled to the streets, passing as a boy. In 1959 a leatherman plucked the adolescent off the streets and allowed her to serve him. She polished more size 13 pumps and boots than she had ever seen before. He was the first and last Sir she ever served; from then on she was a dedicated top.

Years later, having never set foot in a high school hallway, now a welfare recipient and mother to 5 young children, she enrolled in college. She became student body president and fought to change regulations so that welfare recipients could attend college instead of welfare to work programs that merely shunted women into lower paying “women’s work”. Her eyes were opened to political activism and she participated in the early years of the National Organization for Women and fought to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, all while graduating with a Bachelors with a 4.0, starting law school, and giving birth to her 6th child practically on the floor of the International Women’s Year Conference in Houston in 1977. She was the very first International Ms Leather in 1987, taking great pride in representing her fellow leatherwomen. She then became the Leather Conference’s Keynote Speaker at 1987’s March on Washington, and at the International Mr. Leather in 1988 held at the Vic Theater in Chicago, Judy delivered a rousing guest speech demanding leather political activism. Her speech changed the focus of leather contests for good, from beauty pageants to community activism. She was Co-Chair of the National Leather Association (1988-1992). Judy has continued to judge, teach, and speak at various leather events and has been honored with a plethora of awards from the leather community. Having raised numerous leatherkids as well as counting 25 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren (biological), Judy Tallwing McCarthey has truly become an esteemed elder in both the leather community and the wider world.


Conference Presenters

Stay Tuned Here as the Conference Presenters are Finalized for 2019!


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REGISTRATION  pen png 100



Early Bird Special:  $99.00 + $7.57 Fee ~ Ends:  August 31, 2018.



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SPONSORS  icon sponsors

We LOVE our SPONSORS!      

Thank them for their support by visiting their booths and/or websites LLC is a 501-c-3, tax deductible educational organization with tax receipt provided upon request




Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden

VENDORS  vendor beige bkgrd


 atlanta downtown sunset


Volunteering  LLC Volunteer

People volunteer for a number of reasons. One of the best is that you have a passion for an organization.

Perhaps you want to volunteer as part of your personal mission to support leadership within the community. Volunteering can help you hone your skills or assist others in learning new ones.

It is also often an excellent way to network with others making connections you might have otherwise missed.

Meeting people and having fun are also good reasons to volunteer.

There are many great reasons to volunteer.  And those that benefit from your help will just be happy you did, no matter the reason.

Lastly, LLC is a non-profit that depends on its volunteers to make the annual conference work.   To that end we also offer a tiered discount based on years of volunteerism.  It’s a win-win opportunity for both the organization and our volunteers. We want, need and appreciate our volunteers.

If this sounds like you please head on over to this link and tell us you want an application to be an LLC volunteer!

Volunteer Application       COMING SOON!