APPLICATION DEADLINE NOVEMBER 20, 2017 - Get those applications in!

How it all began:

It all started with an idea in 2012 to help our community in a lasting and meaningful way

We are pleased to announce the LLC Scholarship application process will be officially open as of September 25, 2017. Additionally, the 2018 Conference year will bring with it the largest scholarship awards available to date with a total of $10,000 available to potential recipients.

This ability to offer these college scholarships is in direct correlation to the amazing support from the Conference attendees, donations from groups and organizations and the Leadership in Action pin sales(see 2018 pin below).  Majority funding is generated from the Friday Night Auction with 100% of auction proceeds supporting LLC Scholarships. *

Thank you to our community for supporting this vision
YOU make it possible

Scholarship Eligibility Information

Application Form

Scholarship Disbursements 2014 - 2017:
     2014 $1000
     2015 $0 (no applicants)
     2016 $3,000
     2017 $7,000
    Total disbursements to date $11,000

Current Scholarships

Post Grad Scholarships
Memorial Scholarships: **
     David Nelson Scholarship **  PhD $3,000  (one available)

     Sir Alan Penrod Scholarship **  Post Grad $2,000 (one available)
Under Grad Scholarships
     Jack McGeorge Scholarship **  $1,000 (3 available)
LLC General Scholarships
     Tech or Certificate Program  $1000 (2 available)

2018 Application Deadlines:             
Opens: September 25, 2017
Closes: November 30, 2017

by December 11, 2017

* Contribute to Scholarship Auctions: If you, your group, organization or business would like to donate to the Friday night auction OR are interested in creating a memorial scholarship please email:

**  Indicates memorial scholarships with funding derived from specific auctions.