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Registration: 11:00 am - 6:00pm

Pre-Conference Registration Required (seating limited)


Toni Solenne -Women’s Retreat:   Woman to woman, heart to heart, delving into the wants, needs
and desires of women within the community

DJ & Lady Steel - Podcasts 101: Have you been dying to create podcasts? Join DJ & Lady Steel for the technical and practical experiences getting started doing podcasts.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Ms Angelique and John Luna of Living a Sex Positive Life will be hosting                  "Know Your Roots" Community Interviews. 

​Living A Sex Positive Life's goal is to educate & empower the community, promote                                          communication and be an advocate in the fight for sexual freedom in an entertaining & humorous manner! 
6:30 - 8:00 pm    Meet the Presenters (hotel lobby bar)

8:00 pm   Opening Ceremonies & Friday Night Scholarship Auction!


Following Friday Night Opening Ceremonies & Auction
benefitting the College Scholarship Fund! (Same Room)

boy remi  and panel - The Queering of Leather - Does “femininity” in a Man’s leather make him less than a man?  Does “masculinity” in a Woman’s leather make her less than a woman? Does these personas disrespect the Legacy and tradition of leather? Is androgyny accepted in the Leather community? These ideas focus on masculinities/femininities in both men and women. In discussing Leather, this panel seeks to address the complex identities that contributes to the unconventional/non-conforming expressions within the Leather community.

Cocktail Party - 2nd Floor Hospitality Suite
Registration: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:30 - 9:30
 DIY - Ben and Noel - Bridging the Gap Sometimes, it seems like there is an un-crossable generation               gap between older and younger kinksters. Many of our older leaders feel as though the younger                       generation has a different set of priorities than they do, and the youngsters often agree. Where                       are the differences, and how do they matter for the future of the community? What can our older leaders learn from the younger generation, and how can the older generation effectively mentor those younger?
Mags - Mixing Kink & Addiction Recovery? Have you been told that you can’t be kinky if you are in recovery? Have you been told you will use again? With 20yrs in recovery I am here to tell you that these two are not mutually exclusive, they can be merged and both parts thrive. This is an interactive workshop in which we discuss the reality and feasibility of mixing kink and recovery from addiction in healthy ways that help us grow and stay clean. This is open to all types of people in recovery and those who support them. We will focus on the solutions to problems that face those in recovery and those they are in relationships with. This is not a meeting. Leaders supporting those in recovery and supporting leaders in recovery
SusieQ  - YOU'RE JUST AN "S-TYPE" SO WHAT…“You’re just a submissive/slave you can't do that?” YES you can. Facing the obstacles of starting a new group in a strong dominant environment can be intimidating at first but do not let that stop you. (When I started MAsT: Asheville the response I first got was just that. I sure proved to everyone otherwise.)
Foxglove Lady /NightShade- Following Your Leather / Leadership Path Leaders are often looked upon as the example of how to be, how to act, or how much to commit to a group. This can go from volunteer hours, actions taken, to things as deceptively simple as “walking the walk”, especially for Leather Leaders.  But if a leather leader is a new to leather, if their path is more unique than the commonly accepted views on leather or leadership, how  can the leather leader still be an example to others within their group? How can the differences of an individual leather path be a strength to others trying to find their way? How can one follow their own path while being viewed as a leader 24/7?
James Sheldon – Teaching the Teacher Teaching in the leather community is more than just about delivering content; in order to plan eFective instruction, one needs to understand how people learn. This workshop oFers practical suggestions for using learning theories to improve your teaching in the leather community and beyond.

SoundBytes: KJ -  Conjuring "Ted Talks" into LLC SoundBytes.  What you need to know to      
                         become part of the upcoming series with LLC SoundBytes?
9:30 - 10:00    BREAK - NETWORKING - VENDING

10:00 - 11:30 SESSIONS
DIY Dan & Dawn - As a Presenter: How To Be Educational AND Entertaining Dan and Dawn                      have presented hundreds of classes and believe that it is not enough to be educational, but you                        must be able to truly capture your audience's attention as well. Drawing on not only their experience in presenting for the kink, leather and spiritual communities for over a decade as well as training and facilitating meetings in Corporate America, they combine this with both Dan’s experience with community theater and dawn’s experience with creating and facilitating rituals. They share how they bring it all together to create an experience that keeps the audience's attention so that the message the presenter is sharing can be heard.
Boi Randi – Sponsorship Basics – Events need money. No one disputes that. As a person in charge of sponsosrship, how do you find the funds your event needs?  We will talk about organizational aspects, ferreting out sponsor leads, creating good relationships, and maintaining them from year to year.
Mistress Varii - Powerful Leadership Styles (Part 1) What can we learn from Genghis Kahn, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Hitler? They all were incredibly powerful and dynamic leaders. They all changed the course of history. In the class we look at the difference between being just powerful, and being truly great, by examining similarities, differences, and how their leadership styles impacted the people they “served”

Master Cecil and Darcy – So you want to open a dungeon
Master Cecil and Darcy will share their experiences in opening, managing and operating The Woodshed Orlando.  Depending on the needs and interests of those in attendance, they will discuss anything from zoning and local laws to picking the right location, dealing with law enforcement, and community issues. They'll tell you what they've tried AND if it worked! From their successes and frustrations, learn what might be in store for you if you are thinking of opening a dungeon.

Mistress Cyan - Organizing and Producing Successful Events
What does it takes to organize and produce a successful event? Topics include: types of events, organization, funding, promotion, and production. Q&A session will follow the presentation. There is more to producing a successful event than simply “presenting it”. This class may make the difference between profit and loss, and ultimately the longevity of their event.

Jo Arnonne Going, Going, Gone.  How to run a successful charity auction. Making that happen can mean a lot to your organization. Straight from the auctioneer who has raised over $1,000,000 for community based charities!
 11:30 - 1:00    BREAK, NETWORKING, VENDING                          

SPECIAL FEATURE                         11:45 - 12:45   LUNCH BREAK SPECIAL EVENT 
Personal Safety Awareness in the aftermath of Pulse and Las Vegas 
Just what should you know?  What can you do?
1:00 - 2:30  SESSIONS    
DIY  Boi Randi - GOAL SETTING We’ve all heard these phrases “manage your time” or “create a                list” but how do we prioritize them, and create a schedule that is realistic in order to accomplish                      their goals. The tools we will explore in this workshop apply to both personal and organizational needs.  Through hands-on activities, participants will leave with a toolbox to create the plan that works for their needs. 

CC - DREAM BIG! What can you really do to support education in your community? The power of community and what can be accomplished with a dream! How to support, contribute or create educational scholarships with a lasting legacy. YES, YOU CAN! I challenge you to DREAM BIG!
Mistress Varii  Powerful Leadership Styles (Part 2) What type of leader are you? Although this class will build on information from the class, it is designed to stand on its own. We will examine personal styles of leadership, and how to improve your skills for maximum positive effect on the people you lead, be that in a Power Exchange relationship, or within a larger setting.
Tony the Grey – I’m not TNG. I’m not an elder. WTF am I?
I’ll tell you what you are. You are part of a small and absolutely vital group in the Leather lifestyle. You, and those like you, are the only people who speak fluently with two groups that often do not feel heard or respected by each other. It is through this social “isthmus” that traditions and culture can be passed on. Let’s talk about how to do it!

Foxglove Lady /NightShade - Tried and True - Selecting and scheduling events for any group can be a chore. Many groups only plan a month ahead and many scramble to get all the details together at the last minute. To avoid this stress, a group can become a self0planning machine. Tried(bringing back older ideas for an occasional second attempt), Ture ( events for at least once every single year) and Totally New (radical new approaches or classes) can help give variety, pattern and space to create ease between the intensity of each event.
Susie Q -  Demos and Discussion Groups Even in Small Town USA  Bringing in presenters and organizing Demos when you live in the middle of nowhere or have a small group is not impossible. With just a bit of legwork you can have a calendar filled with exciting events for your group without bankrupting your group's coffers. In this class we will discuss ways that your group can have an exciting calendar of events!

3:00 - 4:00  SESSIONS      
DIY - Joanne Gaddy - You Want Me to Give Speeches?
Public speaking before a live a
udience has three general purposes: to inform, to persuade and to                      entertain. As a leader in the leather community, you’re going to be expected to present yourself on stage and give speeches. Learn how to: connect with your audience, command a stage, hold a microphone, use laughter, and recover if you make a mistake or forget your speech!

Mufasa - When The New Guard Speaks, Do We Listen! the age old debate of Old Guard v New Guard continues in the Leather Community, how do we listen, invite, stimulate new ideas, welcome new customs, expand community in the midst of friction.
Aaron Wright -  Welcoming the Next Generation: Creating Relevant Programming
This class will help you create programming that is interesting to both newbies and experienced kinksters who fall within the TNG age range. It will cover how to make young and inexperienced people feel comfortable, safe and welcome in your space including:   Anti-harassment policies, Discouraging creepy behaviors, Encouraging open, mindedness, and respectful discourse, Gender presentation, identity, pronouns, privacy concerns,  Social media, Ceepers. Every group has them, but few groups want them. They scare away new member and create an atmosphere that feels less than safe. This class will help you identify them, their tactics and motivations, and give you some ideas for how to deflect and defuse their unwanted behavior

Dominion  & Legionnaire - Penetration in the Age of Social Media
Join us and discover how to maximize the use of pod casts and social media as message crafting tools to reach out to TNG leaders.

PlainJane Volunteer Coordination: Ignite the Spark in Their Hearts”
How do we get the best volunteers?  Join PlaineJane for a strategy session on Volunteer Coordination and how to get the best from Volunteer and Sport staff. This class will discuss the keys to communication your vision for successful and how to maximize and inspire your volunteers to be the best when you need them most. PlaineJane will provide tips for avoiding drama and ideas to show appreciation for the heart of your mission

4:30 - 6:00  SESSIONS          

DIY Onyx Forum - TBA      
Lady Steel - BDSM and the Law - What legal dangers are inherent to what it is we do? The                            simple truth is, legal issues abound when it comes to participating in BDSM. It can affect several                    areas in our lives, including family, criminal, civil, estate planning, healthcare, and even businesses law. How can you prepare yourself for the worst case scenario? Come find out when Lady Steele presents BDSM and the Law.
Laura Antoniou  - Reading and open Q & A   Kickback with one of your favorite authors and enjoy a reading followed by an opportunity to ask questions and get answers!
Triskelon - Part 1- Diversity Across the Lifestyle Interactive “Presenter Discussion” (panel)Each of us entered the “Lifestyle” (Leather, Power Exchange, BDSM, Fetish, Kink, etc.) by navigating our own personal course: Our diverse paths have been intricately woven, stemming from personal reflection of those who came before us who were willing to pass along their stories and experiences. While we identify differently, our core layers provide vast spectrums of cross over, each to be respected and honored regardless of personal resonation across varied expressions.
Tony The Grey - So, you want to be a kink presenter
You’ve stumbled across something in your journey you want to share with the world. Outstanding! Buuuuut you pee a little thinking about being in front of a crowd. Or you couldn’t be heard over the snoring in your class. Maybe you just want some tips and tricks to up your game
Tygron - Safety and Security in the Lifestyle for the Club Owner, Manager, Staff, or VolunteerThis class is designed to look at Safety and Security from the point of view of the people that run the club or playspace. We will be focusing on concerns specific to facilities and playspaces including, but not limited to, active shooter scenario, predators, emergency evacuation plans, basic body language,  proper profiling, and preparedness in general. A worst case scenario as well as what people can do to support those who have suffered injury or loss. 

Another DON’T MISS LLC EVENT! Following Saturday Evening Entertainment(same room)
Kick back and relax with “AFTER HOURS” with Cowboi Jen and panel Recounting the

Women’s Role in the 80’, their support during the AIDS epidemic as well
as some light-hearted recollections
Hospitality Suite Cocktail Party Sponsored by Onyx and Onyx Pearls 10- Midnight
Registration opens 8:30-11:30
9:00 - 10:00 SESSIONS     
LLC SoundBytes 
Mistress Varii  - Problem Resolution - There are only 6 ways to handle a problem                      and only one that resolves it.  There may be countless combinations of  "solutions" that
will solve any given problem or conflict, but how the problem is approached is the critical factor in its successful long term resolution.  Often approaches designed only for temporary management become our ingrained, habitual  method, which ultimately leads to bigger issues and even more frustration.  We will identify all 6 techniques and their appropriate application in a fun participatory style class.
LADY STEEL - BDSM and the Law - What legal dangers are inherent to what it is we do? The simple -truth is, legal issues abound when it comes to participating in BDSM. It can affect several areas in our lives, including family, criminal, civil, estate planning, healthcare, and even businesses law. How can you prepare yourself for the worst case scenario? Come find out when Lady Steele presents BDSM and the Law.
Aaron - You'll know it when you see it: Obscenity law and you.
You may be wondering just where the line is drawn between protected free speech and criminal obscenity. This class will help you better understand where and how that line is drawn.  The class will review the history of obscenity law in the US, controlling cases and statutes, and an overview of what materials are likely safe and what materials may be criminally obscene.
You may be wondering just where the line is drawn between protected free speech and criminal obscenity. This class will help you better understand where and how that line is drawn.  The class will review the history of obscenity law in the US, controlling cases and statutes, and an overview of what materials are likely safe and what materials may be criminally obscene.
Ms Judy “Chapter Next” (Panel) How to prepare for “Chapter Next”.  Without dealing with eventualities can leave one in an emotional, financial and legal quagmire. Practical steps & discussion
Feyrie - TNG and Title holding Questions you should ask before you run for title & what’s the plan when you wear the sash? Is there a right and a wrong way to wear a sash? How can I do it without ransoming my first born child or going into hock?
Craig -  Finding the Right Organizational Structure Determining the best structure can be a challenge. With the numerous organizational structure types it can be difficult to choose. There are positives and negatives to each structure type. Examining each of them may eliminate some of the struggles that accompany leadership. Every organization's dynamic differs and developing the right structure for your organization can be the key to its success.  
Sir Wolf "Build Your Brand" This class will encompass taking an idea and building a concept around it. It'll touch base on selecting a proper business/domain name, establishing a website, Search Engine Optimization. Content Development, Monetization and Social Media Marketing.

10:30 - 11:30 SESSIONS                                                      
LLC SoundBytes 
Quinn- LGBTQ community Issues  What are the largest issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual,
and transgender people in the United States?

Mufassa - As the age old debate of Old Guard vs New Guard continues in the Leather Community, how do we listen, invite, stimulate new ideas, welcome new customs, expand community in the midst of friction.

Hardy Haberman - Creating presentations that work. All too often, BDSM workshops become cold and far too much like a bad high school lecture.  This workshop explores techniques to make things interesting and to keep your audience attentive and engaged.  I will give away some of my best tricks that I use when presenting, and hopefully learn some of yours.  This will be a give and take session, so don’t expect to remain passive.  
Craig Developing Positive Dungeon Monitors Exactly what is a Dungeon Monitor (DM) and why do we need them? The role of a DM is as rewarding as it is demanding. DM’s can provide services beyond maintaining rules. Learning the roles, responsibilities, and how to interact with people in a highly charged power exchange environment can be challenging. Positive DM's is designed to sharpen the skills of those who fill and practice the role of DM
Dan and Dawn - Podcast episode 1 – 431  Dan & dawn co-host the Erotic Awakening Podcast, which currently has over 3 million downloads, 430 episodes, and been part of their life for the past 7 years. This class will introduce the idea of creating a podcast, from ideas to publishing your first one, as well as advertising and recognition benefits. And just for fun! 
Graylin Thornton - RE-LIGHT THE FIRE UNDER YOUR TIRED ASS: Balancing career, family and Facebook drama can push the Alpha in all of us to pack the toy bag and run for the back room. In this session, we’ll explore the tricks and methods used by some of the scene’s most well-known presenters in avoiding the dreaded BURN-OUT! Whether top, bottom or switch – we’ll empower you with the necessary tools and mindset to keep you on the edge.  


1:00 - 2:30     BONUS SESSIONS               
Joanne Gaddy - TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER: Advance Directives
Face it: the cause of death is birth. Bad things happen. Are you prepared? Have you made life easier for those you leave behind, or will they be cursing you through their tears? Masters, have you done the necessary paperwork so your slave will be taken care of if something happens to you? Slaves, are you legally entitled to have your Master care for you? Or will your genetic family step in and take over? Learn how to do the paperwork that will save those you love and leave behind. Disclaimer: I am NOT an attorney. I’m a former legal secretary; helping people prepare advance directives (Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, simple wills) since the mid-1980s. Let’s get this done, so we can legally take care of each other.
PlainJane - Events Extreme Are you ready to plan your next “X-rated” BDSM, Leather or Lifestyle event? Join PlainJane for a through crash course in planning lifestyle events within your community. Planning BDSM’lifestyle events requires more delicacy and forethought to achieve a truly integrated and fun event for all! With more than ten years experience in planning ALL types of events, PlaineJane will discuss everything from budgeting to promotions in order to help you make your event eXtreme success!
Triskelon Part 2- Diversity Across the Lifestyle Interactive “Attendee Discussion” Panel- Join us for a facilitated conversation that will surely demystify common misnomers as we provide a glimpse into the realms in which we evolve, gaining a deeper understanding that there is NO “One True Way”. Sparking personal journeys from distinct perspectives gleaned from our independent histories and backgrounds, Part 2 panel discussion allows the space for Part 1 attendees to share themselves as we transform panel attendees from Part 1 into panel participants

Tara - How to be a Vendor Guru  right Vendors, & a whole lot more. It takes support from the organization & everyone else involved working together to make it run well.  When taking on such a demanding role as the Coordinator, it must be taken seriously or the market will fail, which in effect, makes the event itself fail. It’s not an easy task & is definitely not a “fluff” item to pad a Leather resume. Come learn the what, where, when, how & why of coordinating a successful market - an event everyone will want to sign up for next year, before the current one is even over. And… as “Vendor Market Guru,” get yourself invited back to do it all again next year (if you’re that big of a masochist).

Dr Harmony - Growing as a Leadership Team  Using the science of John Gottman and the Love Lab, Dr. Harmony has developed a collaboration and communication framework that is designed to improve trust, influence, and collaboration among community leaders. Come learn the language of influence and improve your relationships, your public speaking, and your leadership skills.       

                            NEW THIS YEAR: LLC Sound Bytes (Kinky Ed version of TED Talks)

                            DIY Series: This year’s video recorded track (speaker only)has a special focus geared
                            to TNG & TNG leadership interaction

Schedule subject to change due to circumstances beyond human control
the latest greatest updates will always be available on the website!

Thank you for choosing to attend the premier Alt-Lifestyle Leadership Conference!