Updated 12/19/17

​​ Mufasa Ali 
BIO: He is the founder of the Men of ONYX, ONYX National Council Chairman,                                        Patriarch of Mufasa's Pride, Mr World Leather 2006/2007 and a recipient  of the                                      Pantheon of Leather Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award.  Mufasa
has received many community awards and is a nationally known leather community                                    educator/presenter on many varied topics.  


BIO: Aaron has been active in various kink and poly groups since falling
in with a bad crowd in college.  He joined Whippersnappers, Atlanta's
TNG group, shortly after he moved to Georgia in 2010 and joined the
group's board of directors in 2011 where he has served in various roles,
most recently as the group's president.  He is told his non-kink interests
are boring, but will gladly talk philosophy with you if you disagree.

Ben Earle  aka NC Master - LLC Chair
BIO:  Ben is lifestyle Dominant Leather Man. He has been active in the
community for over 25 years. His home group is Capex in Charlotte NC.
He has been active in many other groups across both Carolinas and has
served four terms on the Capex Board of directors. He traces his lifestyle
roots back to the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel in Atlanta and has had much
influence from old school Leather Men. He has often given presentations
throughout the SouthEast.

He has been a long time supporter and fundraiser for LLC and serving on
2012 LOC  & LLC Board member since 2014 as Director, Vice-Chair and
serving as current LLC Chair.

boi remi
David R. Johnson, better known as boy remi, currently I resides in Durham, NC. He is an 8 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and proud graduate of NC Central University "Eagle Pride”. In March of 2016 remi became a proud brother of Onyx Southeast in Atlanta, GA. 

CC - Scholarship Chair 
BIO:  LLC became her "thing" in 2006 after receiving encouragement to attend LLC's 10th anniversary in NYC. Hooked she corralled a group to help bring LLC to Atl in 2009 serving as Local Organizing Committee Chair(LOC) and helped to create a $20,000 educational grant. She repeated that role in 2012 in Nashville spearheading the creation of the College Scholarship Program. She served on two LOC's for 5 years and as Sceretary, Vice-Chair and then Chair of LLC for five years. Stepping down from the Board to focus her energy on collecting and archiving LLC history and her driving passion of growing the College Scholarship Program.

She has also been a title holder and contest judge, presented across the country and Canada and instrumental in creating NLA Atlanta, served on the NLA-I National Board, Atlanta Mentor's Coalition(AMC), and 17year host of The BRC a kinky online resource center. She hopes to reissue that website this year.

Cowboi Jen
BIO:  Cowboi Jen has been part of the levi/rodeo community since 1992 and Philadelphia’s Leather and kink community since 2000. Over the years she has been a titleholder, judge, award recipient and event producer. She was the Philadelphia Executive Producer for LLC XIV and looking forward to presenting in Atlanta.
BIO:  Craig is from the deep South. He has been in the public lifestyle for over 20 years. He is passionate about service to the community and believes it is important to pass on knowledge to others through sharing experiences, thoughts, and techniques. He is always interested in sharing knowledge

Cyoti (Coyote) Friday Intensive Presenter(with Lady Steel
BIO:  Cyoti is a Dom who has been involved in the Leather / Kink Community since 2007. He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer who collaborated on 2 feature length documentaries for the Community, Folsom Forever & Kink Crusaders. Both of which are available on Amazon Prime TV. In addition to filmmaking, he is also the official videographer for the Leather Leadership Conference and the Philly Leather Pride Night for the past several years

Dan & Dawn  
BIO: Dan & dawn have served our region as title holders (Master/slave GLLA 2010), we have presented at over a hundred events over the past 15 years, and were recognized by MAsT International as Member’s Choice Presenter of the Year 2016. They also host the Erotic Awakening Podcast

Darcy, LLC Support Team
BIO:​ Darcy  has owned The Woodshed Orlando with Master Cecil since 2008. During this time she has grown into being a national presenter as well as the event and education coordinator for The Woodshed. She describes herself as Master Cecil’s submissive, partner, and general “bitch what gets shit done.”

BIO: Dominion ONYX is a Co-Founder of ONYX Mid-Atlantic and Board Member
of DC Leather Pride. He has lectured extensively on fetish/kink play, Sex Positivity, and Diversity in the LeatherCommunity. Dominion authors the blog, Dominion's Opinions, and the kinky love story
Alex and Alonzo: A Love Story

Dr Harmony
BIO: Dr. Harmony is one of the country’s leading Clinical Sexologists. She brings her unique blend of skills and education specializing in Kink Culture and Sexuality, Relationship Counseling, Executive, Business and Leadership Coaching, Traumatology, and Conflict Resolution and Negotiation.

Slave feyrie is a queer leather girl and a writer. She entered the public leather and BDSM scenes on her 21st birthday in 1999. She has been active in many groups in the Southeast including SC-Lock, 3-D, Whippersnappers, Sanctuary of a Dark Angel, T-3, and MAsT : Charlotte. She is a founding member and the current Vice President of AWOL (Appalachian Women of Leather). She holds the titles of International slave 2015 and SouthEast slave 2014. She is passionate about tea service and lots of dirtier things (wink). Slave feyrie enjoys speaking to large and small groups and is an entertaining storyteller who has never met a stranger. 

Foxglove Lady
BIO:​ Lady_Foxglove is a Leather Woman and entered the public lifestyle in 1996 and has spent most
of the last decade in leadership. She presents on small group management, etiquette, and
spirituality. She is married to Nightshade77 and is a member of Heart Chosen.

Graylin Thornton
​BIO: International Mr. Drummer 1993, three decades produced local/regional contests and judged, MC’ed and taught at all major leather events. A member of Onyx, CHC, past LLC and LDG boards he received the 2009 NGLTF Award and 2011 SF Pride Grand Marshall. He’s featured in “Unsung Heroes” documentary
James Sheldon
BIO:​ James Sheldon is a teacher, educator, and scholar who is working on a PhD in Teaching and Teacher Education at the University of Arizona.  He has been a member of the San Francisco Defenders since 2008.
Jo Arnone and LLC Scholarship Auctioneer
BIO:​ Jo Arnone is considered one of the four founding mothers of the women’s sex positive and S/M movement, co-founding the Lesbian Sex Mafia in 1981 as a sex positive feminist’s response to the anti-pornography movement. She was instrumental in organizing the 1982 Speak Out on Politically Incorrect Sex which corresponded to the infamous Barnard Conference held in New York City in April of that year.

For nearly 35 years, Jo has been a community fundraiser, raising money for a diverse array of organizations including Brother Help Thyself, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the National Gay and Lesbian Antiviolence Project, the National Coalition on Sexual Freedom, the International Antiviolence Project, Heritage of Pride, Capital Pride, The Whitman Walker Clinic, The Leather Archive, and the Rainbow Railroad of Canada.  Additionally, she has raised funds for scores of local AIDS, animal, youth, and elder organizations around the country for whom a few thousand dollars can make the difference between success and failure. In 2012, the Leather Heart Foundation presented her with the Million Dollar Heart Award in recognition of having raised well over $1,000,000 for worthy charities.

Judy Guerin  
BIO: She is a well-known activist, writer, speaker and educator on issues of sexual freedom and gender expression and has been advocation on these issues for over 30 years. She is a long term BDSM practitioner and sex educator. She has served on numerous boards and currently directs NCSF’s Consent Counts project and serves on the NCSF’s board.

KJPS Howe - LLC Treasurer
BIO: A businessman and student of human nature, KJPS Howe is called on in his professional life to assist in the reconciliation and straghtening up of issues which are "less than straight" for his company and the organizations it represents. As an avid kinkster, KJ has been involved in the community for over three decades giving educational seminars and talks throughout North America on topics ranging from rigging, to physics, to ethics. He is co-owner of and takes a lot of pride in the craftsmanship of the enterprise.
Lady Steele 
BIO:​ Lady Steele is passionate about the law. Her presentations cover many family, civil, criminal, contracts, and business law topics. More specifically, Lady Steele’s favorite legal topics to cover are how to protect BDSM families, poly families, and multi-partnered households through legal documentation.

BIO: Legionnaire ONYX currently serves as Treasure of ONYX/Midwest and has been a member for over 20 years.  His early experiences in kink while serving in the US Air Force prepared him for continuing his leather Journey with ONYX. Appreciating his brotherhoos in ONYX, Legionnaire also enjoys p0odcasting on PapiChuloRADIO

Master Cecil, LLC Director
BIO:​ Master Cecil has been involved in kink for over 30 years, been a Leatherman for about 20, and owned The Woodshed with Darcy since 2008. He has been an educator for over 20 years, sharing what he has learned at events from local munches to national conventions.

Mistress Cyan
BIO:​ Mistress Cyan is the Founder & Executive Producer of DomCon (LA, Atlanta & New Orleans), now in its 14th year, produces The Mr & Ms Sanctuary Leather Contest in los Angeles, & the owner of Sanctuary LAX (largest dungeon in Los Angeles) and former Co-Producer of Int‟l Olympus Leather
Mistress Joanne  
BIO:​ Mistress Joanne, the now-retired Mistress of IML, was closely involved with running International Mr Leather for ten years. Active in the pansexual leather community, Mistress Joanne has presented workshops/seminars, judged leather contests, and volunteered with the Leather Archives and Museum. Along with Doug O’Keeffe and Vonn Tramel, she co-produces Inside Leather History: A Fireside Chat, a series of programs that seeks to capture the memories and experiences of our community leaders.  In 1999, Mistress Joanne was chosen Pantheon of Leather’s 1999 Woman of the Year; in 2010, she was nominated for two Pantheon of Leather awards: Great Lakes Regional and Woman of the Year, in 2011 she was nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Woman award. In May, 2010 she was one of three recipients of the LRA’s second Hans Blanken Founders Award, named in honor of the founder of the original Leather Rose, one of Chicago’s oldest dungeon clubs.

Ms. Noel
​BIO: ​Ms Noel is a Lifespan Sexuality Training facilitator, former Board Member for Whippersnappers Atlanta,  Ms Southeast Olympus Leather 2011, an Operating Committee member for LLCXVI, and co-founder of the Atlanta Primals meet-up. In her copious spare time, Ms. Noel trains legal professionals, rides motorcycles, and attempts to keep up with her children.

Mufasa Ali - Keynote Speaker
BIO: He is the founder of the Men of ONYX, ONYX National Council Chairman, Patriarch of Mufasa's Pride, Mr World Leather 2006/2007 and a recipient  of the Pantheon of Leather Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award.  Mufasa has received many community awards and is a nationally known leather community educator/presenter on many varied topics.  

BIO: is a Leather Woman and entered the public lifestyle in 2003 and has spent most
of the last decade in leadership in SC and VA. She presents on small group management,
flogging, and bondage. She is married to Lady_Foxglove and is a member of Heart Chosen

BIO:​ PlaineJane has been an active educator in the Atlanta BDSM community for more than seven years. As an enthusiastic Events Coordinator and Educator Jane is a strong advocate for promoting and producing educational events for and within the BDSM and Leather communities

Richard O. Cunningham, B.S., M.A., J.D.,
Bio: has advocated for over 30 years on issues of gender, race and sex. He has played a leading role in landmark legal cases. He has served on numerous boards. Dick is currently legal counsel for NCSF and advises on legal and policy aspects of the NCSF Consent Counts Program

Ruby Bouie Johnson
BIO: is a clinical social worker and sex therapist in private practice in Plano, Texas. Ruby has published in various journals and books. Ruby has presented at several community events and other professional conferences. Ruby is the Keynote for the Philadelphia Loving More Conference. Ruby Johnson is on faculty for the Kink Knowledgeable Program; is a board member for National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and the Woodhull Foundation
Susan Wright - Keynote Speaker
BIO: Susan founded NCSF in 1997, and currently serves as Spokesperson and Director of Incident Reporting & Response, providing direct services to NCSF constituents. Susan has presented over a hundred workshops for professional organizations, colleges and community groups on discrimination, consent, and media influence on the persecution of alternative sexualities.

Susie Q   
BIO:​  Susie is a Leather girl and has been active BDSM community for ten years.  In 2011 she founded MAsT: Asheville.  She was also the Demo and Event Planner for two other groups in Western NC and in Upstate SC. She has presented for groups in NC, SC, TN and at Florida Power Exchange (FPE).  

BIO:​  Tara has been involved in the Leather Community since 1999, when she was collared by KJ in April.  Two months later, she attended her first leather event (Leather Pride Night) in New York City and was instantly hooked.  She has organized many corporate events in her vanilla career as an executive assistant & office manager, and she has hosted BDSM events such as the Southern D/s-comfort in Nashville, TN and several LIFE (Long Island Fetish Event) Parties in New York. Since 2002, she has been co-owner & vendor of
BIO: Tony began teaching in 2009 with a simple “bedroom bondage” class.  Since then, he has expanded to include subjects such as erotic grappling, rhythmic impact, and hypnosis/ orgasm conditioning.

BIO: Committed towards breaking down barriers throughout diverse segments of community, Master Triskelan’s formal history includes serving as Co-Host- Tampa Munch 2005-2006, Educational Officer- National Leather Association Central Florida Chapter 2006-2011, Director- Ms./Mr. Beyond Leather 2009-2011, Co-Director- Florida LeatherSir/Leatherboy/Community Bootblack 2009-2011, Founding Council Member- Florida Leaders United in Diversity (F.L.U.I.D.) 2009-2012, Educational Chair- Tampa Bay Leather and Fetish Pride 2011/2012, Educational Coordinator- Florida LeatherSir/Leatherboy/Community Bootblack 2016/2017, and was honored to have been named Pantheon of Leather Community Choice “Woman of the Year” 2012.
BIO: Tygron has trained martial arts for 20 years and has been teaching as well for the last 7. He holds the rank of Black Belt and Instructor in Extreme Weapons Disarms and Hand to Hand Combat with Urban Tactical and Kodokan Judo. He is in training for his black belt in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu, and is a student of FCS Kali. He regularly teaches seminars with Urban Tactical as well teaching Private Instruction. He has worked as security for private events, bars, and nightclubs, holds a Florida D license, and is preparing to begin EP Training and Certification.