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For the past 16 years Leather Leadership Conference(LLC) has offered significant ongoing educational programming for leadership for the kink community. LLC is a non-member, 501-C-3, tax exempt, non-profit organization driven by its governing body and dedicated to offering educational opportunities to like minded people.


Following the Los Angeles conference there were concerns raised as to the conference model and relevance as well as other items. It became evident that while the LLC mission has served the leaders within the community with a visionary purpose there have been significant changes in how information is disseminated in its sixteen year history. The newly constituted Board of Directors has faced many challenges during their brief months of tenure. We are excited to have begun to forge a new direction for the future of LLC and while true to the mission statement are working on many changes and innovations, as called for by input from the community, past conferences, and based on the LLC survey announced at the Nashville Conference (www.leatherleadership.org)


Taking into account this input, and shaped by recent events, the volunteers are working hard to respond to the issues raised and to develop a new direction for LLC. Plans are moving forward with an improved format following the 2014 Philadelphia Conference, which is already well on track, including the development of ad hoc committees which can focus more responsively and inclusively on specific issues (such as working to increase understanding of the LGBT community, the disabled, and others who reflect our diversity in age, gender, orientation and ethnicity as well as to enhance media and public relations). Considerations are being developed to deploy an improved methodology of recruiting presenters, revise programming expectations and become more interactive with and relevant to the community at large.


In order to further these goals, and after much deliberation, it is with great regret that we must announce the cancellation of the Seattle 2013 Conference due to their non-compliance with their Memorandum of Understanding, delays in meeting important deadlines, and an ongoing unwillingness to comply with the prescribed procedures of the LLC or as a cooperative partner with the National Board. This has been a difficult decision, but the Board’s repeated efforts to bridge this gap have continually been met by a lack of interest in moving forward in a timely and open manner. This change in scheduling will allow the full focus to be on our productive relationship with the Philadelphia 2014 LOC and on the multiple initiatives to be implemented in the interim.


We are pleased to announce that 2014 conference will be held in Philadelphia. Cowboi Jen said, “Philly Leather Pride, winner of the 2012 Pantheon of Leather Small Event of the Year, is proud to support and partner with LLC in bringing the conference to Philadelphia, April 11-13, 2014”. The LLC Board extends its congratulations to them and is excited as we looks forward to a successful conference in Philly.


CC, Chair
Carlton, Vice-Chair/Treasurer
Moira, Secretary


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