Technology Usage in Event Production

Presented by JustRob

Event Production is difficult, but if we are technological savvy or we have someone on our staff who is we can harness technology to help us make our events more efficient, safe and successful. In this discussion, we will discuss some of the technological tools that are available for event production, some of my experience with this tool and we will brainstorm some ideas for how to make your events successful.


Leading by Example or Behavior Modeling in Leadership

Presented by JustRob

There are many different leadership styles, some work better than others depending on the situation. One of the most universally effective and sustainable styles I've found is Leading by Example. In this session we will discuss what it means to lead by example, how this leadership style can be challenging, how it can be effective and how you can begin using this style in your local communities.


The Concise Guide to Vendor Market Management

Presented by Tara

A successful Vendor Market requires the right Venue, the right Vendor Coordinator, the right Vendors & a whole lot more. It takes support from the organization & everyone else involved working together to make it run well. When taking on such a demanding role as the Coordinator, it must be taken seriously or the market will fail, which in effect, makes the event itself fail. It’s not an easy task & is definitely not a “fluff” item to pad a Leather resume. Come learn the what, where, when, how & why of coordinating a successful market - an event everyone will want to sign up for next year, before the current one is even over. And… as “Vendor Market Guru,” get yourself invited back to do it all again next year (if you’re that big of a masochist).


Unconscious Bias

Presented by Master Aaron & slave jennie

Unconscious bias is often defined as prejudice or unsupported judgments in favor of or against one thing, person, or group, As the word unconscious suggests, it is a bias we are unaware of. These biases can hamper our ability to be effective leaders, to accept and bring people into our groups and organizations. Identifying what our own unconscious biases are, can help us be more effective leaders, allows us to better network with each other, and be able to grow our groups, organizations and the community as a whole.


Overcoming Negativity in Your Groups

Presented by Daddy Michael & amaia

Have you found that negativity can come into your teams and meetings? Even having these feelings within yourself? We all can find ourselves going to a negative place when we are confronted with issues and topics that concern us. This class will dive into this topic, be a sharing of experiences and find healthy and productive ways to deal with negativity of those in our life, our groups, and ourselves.


Goal Setting: Creating a Plan

Presented by Daddy Michael & amaia

Setting up goals for your groups can be a tricky conversation, especially when everyone is excited. How do you set realistic goals for your growth and how to you maintain and stick to them? This class dives into the SMART goal method and how we all can learn how to recognize and create achievable goals. This class is a blend of hands on activities and discussion.


Moving Away from the Gatekeeper Mentality

Presented by Mercury

What is your community's response to new people trying to make their way in? Are you open and welcoming? Or more like the Monty Python's Black Knight who exclaims, "None shall pass!" This presentation will try to make the case that thinking the better of people (rather than the worse) is, perhaps, a better path forward; how inattentive vetting can often be self-defeating (and dangerous); and how being more open outside the kink community can help you build the tactical and strategic alliances to help ensure long term community health and success.

We'll be using our 15 years in Nashville as a case study in "opening up", knowing full well that our experience is our singular experience alone and does not map everywhere, much less to any particular community or your specific issues and concerns.


The Community Center Model...What's That?

Presented by Mercury

Do you run a playspace? An education group? A munch? A party? What if you were able to put together an organization that does all that and much, much more...
leveraging on the strengths of all in your community and multiplying available resources and human capital? You can. We did! Join us in a conversation on an attempt to make everyone in your community happy (just not necessarily all at the same time!)


Training Volunteers to Embody Your Organization’s Values

Presented by Alex

When our organizations are small and intimate, we’re able to ensure that everyone’s on the same page about values and policies with a simple conversation around the potluck table. As our organizations grow and become more structured, so too must the way we help volunteers prepare to fulfill their roles. This session will engage leaders in critical thought about the way we communicate expectations and help volunteers feel empowered to embody organizational values. Mechanisms discussed will include codes of ethics, social media policies, incident reporting policies, burnout prevention education, crisis plans, and early problem intervention.


Instilling Your Volunteer Force with Cultural Humility

Presented by Alex

Cultural Humility: Taking on the work of anti-oppression practices unimpeded by perfectionism, rigidity, or vanity. We may like to think that these issues aren’t relevant in our kinky spaces, but when we invite people to our events, they bring these unconscious social dynamics with them. Attend this session to learn about preparing volunteers to navigate these politicized and emotionally-charged elements of their service to the community.


Leadership Identification and Development

Presented by SteeleToe Onyx

Often, leather communities and organizations choose leaders based on their proficiency in a kink, title or appearance. True leadership characteristics and skills are much more difficult to identify and are often overlooked and underdeveloped. This course will look beyond the aesthetics and focus on how to recognize and provide leadership opportunities for emerging leaders.


Navigating the Demands of Leadership

Presented by Sir Top

How do you balance the daily struggles and step into a leadership role? What does that look like? What makes a good leader? What does it mean to be at the top of the ladder in an organization and are you ready to assume responsibility for those that you lead? This class will dive into all the aspects of leadership from definition to management.


Event Organization and Management

Presented by Sir Top

This class will help guide you to creating a successful event from the smallest to the largest size. Take this opportunity to learn from the organizers of one of the best events in the country and see how its success enables them to take an entire hotel each year for 12 years running. Learn basic steps to make any event, even the smallest, not only a success for you but the community we serve.



Presented by Bebe & Invictuz 

A consent incident is reported to your group or event. What should you do next? What are the implications for your group or event? Do you have a uniform, consistent method for handling such reports? How should a report be handled if a conflict of interest arises? We'll look at all these aspects and more; protecting the reporter of the incident, how to handle such a report (i.e. unwanted advance vs more serious report) and building a 'consent policy' for your groups for more uniformed handling of such incidents.


THRIVE: Cultivating Leadership & Intersectionality in Your Community

Presented by PlaineJane

Tired of doing the heavy lifting? Ready to see more service within your community? Then perhaps it is time for you to support and light the torch of leadership! Join PlaineJane for a discussion on leadership and how we inspire the leaders among us. Leading is never easy but sometimes we need the support of other leaders in order to thrive as a community. PlaineJane will discuss the qualities that are essential to a good a leader and how to recognize them in others. Jane will also provide strategies and tips for building bridges and creating cooperation between community leaders and their missions. She'll discuss ideas for supporting leaders' growth while cultivating their inner service abilities. This class will offer resources and guides for; mentor selection, leadership skills as well as communication skills for new and growing leaders in the community. So come with questions and ideas to inspire leadership within your community- because it starts within each one of us!


ELEVATE: Building Your Brand in the Community

Presented by PlaineJane

Reputation is everything right? Building a lasting and positive reputation is important no matter what field or community you are in. But how do we create a reputation and brand that is positive and long lasting? Join PlaineJane for a discussion on "social credit" and how a name or brand is created, shaped, and (mis) managed in our communities. Jane will cover "branding" for group leaders and event promotions as well as discuss reputation building and management for individuals and leaders in your community. She will also discuss how to promote yourself as a leader and a person while remaining honest and ethical. Join Jane for an in-depth guide on how to put your best foot forward without falling on your face!


Social Media and Online Oopsies for Conventions

Presented by Ignixia

You're the proud owner of Kinky-LeatherCon, you've got your venue all picked out, top of the line vendors ready to sell their hearts out, and big name educators and performers that are sure to wow, but when it comes to ticket sales Kinky-LeatherCon is starting to look like Kinky-LeatherCan't. In this class we'll cover the common online oopsies that conventions make, preventing them from pulling in the big numbers they desire. Whether it's keeping up with the latest social media trends, getting lost in a sea of hashtags, or getting your timing just right, we'll take Kinky-LeatherCon from "ain't nobody got time for that" to "Yaaaas Honey!"


Build Up by Passing Down

Presented by D

Have you ever wondered how to both preserve the integrity of an organization while also
maintaining it’s growth for the long term? In this class we’ll discuss why including The
Next Generation is one of the best ways to grow a group AND preserve it by passing down
the traditions and standards to those who are coming behind us.


Making Decisions That Might Not Be Popular

Presented by D

As a leader there will be decisions that won’t always be popular. In this class we look at a way to look at decision making objectively so that we can know it was the right choice even if wasn’t popular or if it was polarizing.


Putting the "Lead" in Leadership: Standing Out in Your Community

Presented by Mr. Dark

Do you see areas of improvement in your community? Do you have fresh ideas? Bringing new ideas to a new or established community can be hard when you don't know where to start.This class will give you insight to building a community and using the structure and protocol we use every day.


Hot for Teacher!: A Guide to Teaching

Presented by Mr. Dark

Ever think about being a presenter? Do you have the knowledge but aren't sure how to put it all together in a class? This interactive class will give you the tools that you need to pick the right subjects, create your class structure and present it to an audience.


Leading From The Front: Translating Leadership Tools & Techniques For Our Communities

Presented by Miki Rei

How do we apply various leadership skills from other facets of our lives and apply them effectively to our communities? What approaches and processes lend themselves to sustainable structure, authentic inclusivity, and effective service to community? What drives our decision-chains, and how do we know we're serving the greater good vs the immediate need? The goal of this guided discussion is to explore diverse leadership tools from other sectors, military, corporate, academia, and how they can translate seamlessly in context of maintaining welcomed, healthy, and successful community growth.


Codifying Diversity & Inclusion: Growing Our Communities Through Invitation or Demand

Presented by Miki Rei

Diversity and inclusion are near universal stated goals for events, venues, and gatherings in our spaces, yet issues still occur around executing, enforcing, and maintaining these stated policies. There is a time to invite, and a time to demand, and each approach requires tools and processes that take the entirety of community growth into account. This guided discussion explores the differences between strategic and tactical decision-chains, consistent expectation setting, public-facing conflict resolution, and sustainable communication practices to inform, educate, and codify inclusionary practices in our communities.


Effective Organizational Leadership

Presented by Master Varii

If you have ever served as a volunteer, or worn the mantle of leadership in your community as part of a board, you know some organizational structures can be more frustrating than efficient. Some structures work extremely well, while others seem to promote drama and foster burnout. We will look at common organizational structures like: a) the benevolent dictator, b) governing by committee, and c) cooperative leadership. This class will examine possible problems, and potential solutions, associated with each, as well as how to safely empower emerging leadership.


Dealing with Drama in Your Community

Presented by Master Varii

Drama is one of the most destructive things an organization can deal with! People prone to drama can seriously disrupt, and in fact can destroy an organization. We will look at ways of identifying drama early, and creating a safe, drama free environment that includes a way for individuals to express concerns in a constructive way.


Building Diversity in Your Leather Community through Intentional Observation

Presented by Dr. Nwachi Tafari (Nwachi the Demon)

Seeing human diversity through the lens of race, gender, or sexuality is limiting and dehumanizing. In Building Divsersity…, we learn how to best observe our own emotions, bodies, and language (our ontological souls) in order to be to be in greater control as leaders during chaotic situations. In addition, we look at diversity through the lens of how others create reality: through their natural environments, personal experiences, biology, cultures, era, and unexplainable experiences (Concentric Mythology). In this manner, as leaders, we can create diversity by paying attention to race, gender, and sexuality, but we can also lead diverse groups while still seeing individuals and creating unique experiences that not only speak to groups to which individuals belong, but also to their unique places in the world.


So, you want to start your own group?

Presented by Jade Savage (Mistress Savage)

So you've looked around and thought, "Why isn't there a <Fill in the blank> group??!! I should make one!". A lot of us think we need more groups to fulfill a certain aspect of the community that is lacking, but to undertake this responsibility is no menial feat, nor a small amount of energy, money and time investment. As someone who has run, and started several groups, it's easy, and EXCITING to start. However, after the 5th month of work, money, energy and time spent on it, it can quickly become daunting and a serious drain on your resources (time, finances, energy, etc), resulting in quick burnout, and a failing group. In this class, we will discuss how to start, and maintain a group in a way that is as free from burden as possible, leaving you to enjoy the lifestyle, instead of becoming burnt out because of the lifestyle.


Building Blocks: Deliberate Diversity

Presented by Sara Blaze

What can we as leaders, party hosts or event organizers can do to foster diversity at our events and in our communities? How can we increase our focus on marginalized people without alienating our existing base? How can we strengthen our community’s overall inclusiveness by supporting exclusiveness policies within the community? This facilitated discussion will focus on creating policies and events that support the inclusion of individuals who identify as POC, transgender, gender non-conforming or queer. We will also look at ways to reach out to these communities and support their growth - both as a separate community and as a facet of our larger communities.


Building Blocks: Meaningful Accessibility

Presented by Sara Blaze

What does it mean to be accessible? What barriers exist beyond physical disabilities such as wheelchair use? This facilitated discussion will focus on identifying barriers to participation how to overcome them. We will also look at why this important matter is often overlooked in our communities.


Oh the Places You’ll Go: Finding Your Community

Presented by Lady Kita

Just moved to new place for work? Fresh out of school and looking to explore? Just out of a relationship and looking to try all those things you told yourself was just a phase? Coming back to the community from a long hiatus? Finding your space and finding your community is a mountain of a task with heavy emotional and mental hurdles. Come join us and learn the steps to find, join, and even lead your community. Come see the places you can go once you’ve found your community.


Kinky Hustle

Presented by Lady Kita

Want to really experience your community but money is tight? Want to learn more but door fees too high? There’s no community in your area but trip are too expensive? Don’t worry, join Lady Kita as she shares her secrets for joining and helping your community without straining your pockets. 


Diversifying Your Brand

Presented by Mufasa Ali

This class will explore how a leader can determine how to diversify your organization or event without diluting it's mission or becoming extinct. What needs are to be considered, what communities need to be addressed and how do you determine a plan of action will be explored.


Walking Through the Leather "ISMS"!

Presented by Mufasa Ali

This class will take us on a tour of our own Leather "ISMS" as a group. No one person will be singled out in this exploration of commonly held biases and prejudices that hold us back in diversifying our events and organizations.


Navigating Allyship

Presented by Sir Luke and His victor

How do we better serve the communities we claim to be allies of? How do we keep from accidentally shoving our feet in our mouths? As leaders, we are often tasked with serving as ambassadors for our communities. We will cover how to more effectively respond to people living within the margins, how to advocate for those we are allies to, and how to generally do what we do better.


Inclusion ≠ Diversity ≠ Representation

Presented by texassara

Diversity is important but it isn’t enough. The goal is beyond just diversity, the goal is representation and power in the hands of marginalized/oppressed people. Can leaders/organizers who aren’t part of an oppressed/marginalized group have the perspective to make diversity & representation part of their events? How can we, as leaders, support marginalized people, uphold their power, and make way for diversity to become representation? This guided discussion will focus on the ideas of privilege and perspective and how we can overcome those to move towards power and representation for people that are marginalized and oppressed.


Ethos, Words, & Actions

Presented by texassara

One of the greatest responsibilities of a leader is to set the ethos of an organization. How do we do this? Is it the rules we make? The way we enforce them? How we handle ourselves when shit goes wrong? How do we line up our values with the ethos of the groups/events we create and ensure that we are acting with integrity? No one wants to babysit a bunch of adults, but at the same time, managing group behavior is a very real part of organizing events. So, let’s talk about how that looks and analyze how we can bring all these things together to create intentional spaces where respect for all people is the expectation.


The (Decidedly Unsexy) Art and Science of Kink & Fetish Leadership

Presented by Dominion ONYX

Whether your organization is 20 days or 20 years old, a Program Management Life Cycle-based approach to Kink or Fetish leadership can take your organization to another level. Discussions will include strategic planning and design thinking, designing a continuous improvement framework, creating repeatable processes, succession planning, and how to keep the membership and stakeholders motivated, and how to put the sexy BACK in kink leadership.


Six Simple Rules for Planning Your Next Event

Presented by Dominion ONYX

How to plan an event for 10 or 100 or 1000 people: Easy tips, tools, techniques, and templates to follow when planning any event based on 25 years of successful vanilla and kink event planning. Discussions will include long-range planning, budget creation and reconciliation, event branding and brand threading, message crafting and customization, new media marketing techniques, and most importantly, how to enjoy the event when everyone wants a piece of your time.


Are you a Lilith or an Eve? A sana or a Marjorie?

Presented by Ms. Michelle

The reflection and duality of sisterhood and encouraging each other throughout our journey no matter what side of the slash you fall on. Women, it is okay to celebrate our diversity and shine each other's crown.


Love Serving Love: Leadership Love Language

Presented by Baroness Domina Silver

A guided discussion through the good, the bad, and the ugly of WIIWD: If serving is beneath you leadership is not in front of you.


Concept of Consent

Presented by Master Kaddan

This talk will cover the idea of consent, both giving and receiving, as it relates to the BDSM and M/s lifestyles. I am going to cover why this is an important part of our lifestyle and the issues that are at the forefront of this topic. We will also discuss three types of consent, as well as some of the models and philosophies. This will be an interactive talk in which audience participation and comments are welcome.


Kinky Trivia

Presented by Illyria

A lifestyle focused, Jeopardy styled, Pub Trivia game! 8 flirty, dirty, or nerdy categories with 6 funky fact filled questions each. Contestants team up and take turns choosing which questions they'll attempt. Look out for the daily doubles to score more points! At the live games team with the most points at the end of game wins not only bragging rights but super cool buttons!


The Pillars Upon Which to Build a Consent Culture

Presented by Zach Budd

This presentation is presented in lecture format with invited participation from attendees. The discussion includes a codified, simplistic way of establishing consent in every human interaction as well as concrete methods by which to simplify the consent conversation. The lecturer proposes a seismic paradigm shift in the way consent is thought of, obtained and discussed. Concepts are presented in a well thought, well researched, straightforward and conversational plain language and entertaining format. Audiences will be encouraged to participate in the discussion and to ask questions. These practical principles are intended to be integrated into everyday life and used daily. The discussion is pansexual, poly friendly and will support, pertain to, and affirm all sexual orientations, gender identities or forms of sexual or relationship expression. Topics include: The purpose of the consent conversation, The role consent plays in human interaction, The five pillars of consent with examples and explanations, A completely different way of thinking about consent, Strategies to minimize misunderstandings, Ways to begin building a consent culture, Socialization of the word “no,” Toxic Politeness.