Current Board:
Ben (NCMaster) Chair and Director of Volunteers 
Jen (IrishGypsy) Vice Chair and Director of Adaptive Needs, Scholarships Committee Member
Joseph (KJ) Treasurer, Director of Outreach, Registration
Marcus (Sir Volt) Programming Director, Director of Diversity
Master Cecil - Programming Director, Director of Vendors, Scholarships Committee Member, Conference Operations
Sir Luke - Marketing & Social Media Director
Vicki/Tiffany15 - Secretary, Sponsorships Director
Support Team
(Non-voting positions)
Angel - Volunteer Coordination
Bobbie - General Support
Darcy - Operations Assistant
DJ - Video
Lady Steele - Legal Counsel, Vendor Coordinator
Master Chris - Registration
Mita Beach - Audiovisual
Tara - Registration
PLEASE NOTE:  When you reach out to the Board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., please include in the subject line the reason for your email, such as VOLUNTEER or PRESENTER INFO, this will ensure that your email reaches the appropriate person to assist you.
We thank all who have been part of the LLC throughout the years, and we look forward to continuing to serve the mission and goals of the LLC in service to our communities.

Ben (NCMaster), Chair