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The Timeline presents an index of historic sites and information. A link for each year takes you to a descriptive page with basic information about the conference for that year, including dates, city, hotel, mentions in the press, keynote and endnote if available, and graphics to include run pin image and web logo. As of January 25, 2019, descriptive pages exist for all years except the current year.

By using the Kiosk you can see a slide show of the historic web sites. You can also select to view any site by year.

Videos from years past are available on various YouTube channels. This page will bring all of the videos together in one list. under construction

A history of the LLC boards can be found on the Boards page. under construction

The Library of Presentations from 1997 through 2000 is available. An updated Library page is planned, including a Search facility.

Status of Descriptive pages and Sites
YearNumberRomanStatus of Descriptive pageStatus of presentation of old site
19971IMore images to be addedNo site
19982IIMore images to be addedLink to original site on the Web Archive.
19993IIIReferences added. Keynote still missing.Main page done. The rest of the site is on The Web Archive
20004IVBasic info and link to Keynote text.Partial post-event site
20015VMore images to be addedFull site
20026VIDescriptive page links two presentations Full post-event site.
20037VIIHas some images. Full site, needs editing.
20048VIIIHas some images. Full site.
20059IXHas some images. Links to Keynote and Endnote. Full site.
200610XHas some images, Link to Endnote. Full site.
200711XIBasic images, offside links to Endnote and Saturday afternoon presentation. Full site.
200812XIIHas some images, one mention, but no links to keynote or endnote. Full site.
200913XIIIBasic info, no images yet.Full Site, html
201014XIVHas some images.Full Site, html
201115XVHas some images.Full Site, html
201216XVIHas some images.Full Site, html
201317XVIIHas some images.Provisional site, html
201418XVIIIHas some images.Full site, html
201519XIXHas some images.Inside LivingLeadership site, Wordpress
201620XXHas some images.Inside LivingLeadership site, Wordpress
201721XXIHas some images.Full site, Wordpress
201822XXIIHas some images.Full site, html template, 3/9/2018 version.
201923XXIIIHas some images.Full site, Joomla
202024XIVLinked to current site

Change blog:

April 3, 9 PM: Uploaded photo galleries for LLC V (2001) and LLC X (2006). I think these were developed by Leland C. (of Letherati) and others some years ago but then archived without being linked into any year's web site. The photos are without captions. Contemporaries will recognize conference keynote speakers, board members and presenters. Links are in the Resources section of the Descriptive pages for those two years.

March 18, 6 PM: Established the 2019 historic site. Created initial Descriptive page for 2019. Updated Kiosk and Index.

March 15, 8 PM: Added the Search function for Library entries that existed 2002 or before. Changed the index page to include Year in the table, and began to add year information. Reformatted the page to reduce clutter and added a link to the Search page.

March 13, 8 PM: added an Overview page. Revised the top nav to make it more consistent (Kiosk still has a compact navigation, and Library is still in the original format).

March 9, 5:20 PM: Revised the Kiosk page to include 1997 in the set of links, pointing to the Descriptive page since no site is available. As far as I can tell no site was made for the first year. Also revised the Kiosk so that the slide show static page is the 2019 site, and to add XVIII/2019 to the list of links. Every Descriptive page now has the blue-bar styling common to historic LLC sites. Switched the 2018 site from a 2017 version to a March 9, 2018 version. Corrected the Timeline page to update links.

March 8, 4 PM: uploaded a preliminary version of the history of the Board.

March 7, 9:30 PM: uploaded revised, functionally complete Kiosk page. Uploaded new Videos and Boards pages. Timeline, Kiosk, Videos, Board History, and this Status page all have the new style. Navigator at the top of these pages also links to the old Library page.

March 6, 9 PM: uploaded styled Timeline page. This style is similar to that used in the early years' web sites.

February 9, 10 PM: uploaded the Kiosk page, which gives you a tour of all the sites.

February 9, 2 PM: moved the LLC XXI/2017 into the /sites folder, so it would be backed up along with the other /sites/. Adjusted .htaccess and index files so that would bounce to new site location. Changed the backup system to separate /sites/ from /history, and set the /history backup to run once a week in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

February 4, PM: changed the backup system so that /sites and /history are backed up separately from the main site. At this point all three backups are running every night.

February 2, 12:30 AM: LLC XXI/2017 is available. Almost all of the site is functioning without broken links. Some links to forms do not work.

February 1, 9:30 PM:

  1. is once again active. This site houses the 2015 and 2016 web sites, plus a history of board member service, and other reference material.
  2. Updated history page for 1998 with web archive references to 2 versions of the 1998 LLC web site.
  3. Updated history pages for 2015, and 2016 showing links to historic sites

January 29, 8:30 PM: uploaded LLC XVII/2013 site, and updates to 2013 history page.

January 29, 4 PM: uploaded complete LLC XVIII/2014 (Philly) site, and updates to 2012 and 2014 Descriptive pages.

January 28, Midnight: uploaded complete LLC XIV/2011 site.

January 28, Noon: updated French version of the LLC XIII/2009 site to correct links and redact PO BOX reference.

January 28, 9:45 AM: uploaded complete LLC XIII/2009 site. Created Descriptive page for 2009, uploaded.

January 26, 10:15 PM: uploaded finished Description page for LLC XIV/2010.

January 26, 7:30 PM: uploaded complete LLC XII/2008 site. Updated Descriptive page fr 2008 to complete the basic information and add images.

January 26, 4 PM: uploaded complete LLC XI/2007 site. Updated Descriptive page for 2007 to include link to original front page of old site.

January 26, 1 PM: uploaded main page of LLC III/1999 site. Updated Descriptive page for 1999 to include Call To Action and info on Webby access.

January 26, Noon: uploaded partial LLC IV/2000 site. Separated "the library" from the rest of the web site. Updated 2000 Descriptive page to include notes about the Library and link to Viola Johnson's Keynote.

January 26, AM: uploaded LLC X/2006 site. Updated 2006 Descriptive page to add link to Endnote, and to complete basic facts.

January 25, PM: uploaded LLC IX/2005 site. Updated 2005 Descriptive page to add links to html versions of the Keynote and Endnote.

January 25: Updated this Status page to improve layout and provide links.

January 24: Recreated LLC8 / 2004 web site. Updated Descriptive pages for 2004, 2011, and 2014.

January 23: Finished the set of Descriptive pages. Almost all basic information is now in place.

January 22: Added to the set of Descriptive pages, moving existing info into the new Responsive template. Lyndsey researched using the Web Archive and other tools to find hotel names and exact dates for some years.