Welcome to the Leather Leadership Conference Archives Project.

What's here so far?

The project is our response to a question to us from the current LLC Board: What is in the archives?.

As we investigated what had been preserved in backups, we discovered that most of the content was copies of older versions of the web site. The early sites were in HTML3. As CSS and some Javascript were added, HTML4 became the standard of choice. Sites became more complex as the years went on. Eventually a CMS (Content Management System), Wordpress, was employed. In 2018 a hosted template took over from Wordpress. The 2019 site was built in Joomla (another CMS).

After the first few years, an effort began to pull together keynotes, endnotes, and some of the presentations into a Library.

Photos of presenters are scattered throughout the archives. Only a few videos were stored; most of the videos taken at the event appear to be in the hands of the videographers. Some were put on YouTube channels. We have not fully explored YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion in our search for videos. Some presentations were uploaded to a podcast site that has since become defunct.

Almost all of what we found in the archives is presented on these pages.

As of early March 2019, this is still very much a work in progress. A current Status is always available, including a log of changes.

We have acted as archivists, not historians. PgL Publishing is unable to answer every question about the history of LLC. Questions about the archives should be addressed to us by emailing pglpublishing @ gmail . com