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Board of Directors 2010

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Stephanie "Sassy" Lynn

Stephanie "Sassy" Lynn found herself in a kinky relationship beginning in 1996 and has been active in BDSM organizations in Minnesota since 1998.

Currently Sassy serves as a Stockholder with Minnesota Stocks Debentures and Bonds, a member of the leadership team at Minnesota Power Exchange and is an Associate Member of the Knights of Leather. She served as the Promotion Co-Chair for LLC XI and participates with all Minnesota groups annually during LeatherPride, a week-long tradition leading into the Twin Cities Pride festival. She also has a history of organizing traditional events for kinky people, and often facilitates community conversations.

Ms. Lynn holds an MPA degree and applies over 15 years of nonprofit work experience in communications, marketing, fundraising, and social justice advocacy to her passions. She is particularly interested in authentic public process and respecting the richness of our cultural differences.