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Board of Directors 2010

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Lee Asplund
Lee Asplund has been involved in the leather community for more than ten years, first in the Southeast, then San Francisco where she was active in the South and East Bay leather communities. She served as a volunteer for Folsom Street Events for 2 years before serving as the Board Secretary for 2 years. Following her departure from San Francisco, she served as the Volunteer Coordinator for Southeast Leatherfest, while living in Los Angeles with her Owner and their family.

Lee is a bootblack, a mentor, an activist, and an educator on a variety of topics, including lifestyle issues, non-profit management and growth issues, and fetishes. Her passion includes working with organizations to help them realize their potential and future successes, and teaching people in any venue to see the light in their eyes when they get it, and move beyond what she was able to share, to then teach her.