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Board of Directors 2010

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Jack Rinella
For more than ten years Jack Rinella has been writing about his favorite topic: kinky sex. The acclaimed author of the best-selling book, The Master's Manual, as well as The Compleat Slave and his newest book, Partners In Power, is a freelance writer, computer professional, and college instructor. A sought-after lecturer, Jack has presented seminars on BDSM history, techniques, and relationships across the country, including the Leather Leadership Conference, Black Rose, Bash at the Beach, Beat Me in St. Louis, TES, Headspace in Bloomington, IN, PEER in Cincinnati, and the Arizona Power Exchange.

Born in Albany, New York of Italian-American parents, he's been a high school and college teacher, a drug rehabilitation counselor, a cook, a computer salesman, a Catholic seminarian, a Pentecostal minister, an advertising copy writer, a graphic designer, and has done stints at printing, publishing, telemarketing, headhunting, and computer consulting. He has a Bachelor degree in Philosophy and a Master Degree in Business Administration.

He has been active in the Leather scene since 1983, is a founding member of MAsT-Chicago, an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, and has written extensively about our lifestyle as a weekly columnist for Gay Chicago Magazine.

He lives on the North side of Chicago with his slave Patrick, where he passes the time writing, cruising, and falling in love whenever he can.