LLC XV: Lost Angels - The Seven Deadly Sins

April 8 - 10, 2011
Grand Kyoto Hotel
Los Angeles, California
Keynote: Guy Baldwin
Keynote: Tyler McCormick
Endnote: Annie Romano
Old Site: http://leatherleadership.org/sites/2011/

  • Friday Keynote: Guy Baldwin gave his thoughts on leather relationships. "Herd Any Cats Lately?"
    Links to videos: Part 1   Part 2   -   Link to text   -   PDF
  • Saturday afternoon: Annie Romano, Ms. San Diego Leather, 1998, then in 2001 Annie won the Ms. World Leather title, spoke on the kinds and roles of angels and alludes to the kinds of people in the Leather community that each type describes.
    Links to videos: Part 1   Part 2
  • Tyler McCormick - LLC 2011 Keynote Speech
    Links to videos: Part 1   Part 2
  • Promo video channel, LLC-XV: Coming Soon to Los Angeles Three videos. One example follows.



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