LLC XIV: The Journey Continues

April 9 - 11, 2010
Metropolitan Hotel
Detroit, Michigan
Keynote: Judge Rudy Serra
Endnote: Goddess Lakshimi
Old Site: http://leatherleadership.org/sites/2010/

  • Friday night: Judge Rudy Serra, 36th District Court, Michigan. Rudy spoke out about sexual rights and individual rights being human rights and civil rights, and reminded the audience that not all people are able to experience these same civil rights. Not available for publication by Keynote Speaker Request.
  • Saturday: Andrea Zanin, a.k.a. Sex Geek, took the audience through an insightful discussion on four criticisms of individuals as sexual beings and on the leather, kink, fetish, and alternative consensual sexual practice communities. Link to PDF. Her Twitter. Her Bio on her web site
  • Sunday afternoon: Goddess Lakshimi closed this years meeting with a fiery speech addressing our journey as a community – calling for the members of the community to put aside the past, and embrace all members as part of the human guard – as a collective group of individuals that share an exceptional way of loving and living. Not available for publication by Keynote Speaker Request.




Rudy Serra
Rudy Serra

Andrea Zanin
Andrea Zanin

Goddess Lakshimi
Goddess Lakshimi