LLC IX: Tying It All Together

April 8 - 10 2005
Crowne Plaza North Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona
Keynote: Skip Chasey
Endnote: slave marsha
Old Site: http://www.leatherleadership.org/sites/2005

  • Keynote: Skip Chasey (aka Master Skip), a certified Grief Recovery counselor and practicing spiritual director living in Los Angeles, where he heads a family of spiritually grounded leatherfolk and also earns a living doing missionary work among the savages of Hollywood, Keynote Speech: "Vision, Passion & Direction The Right Stuff for Authentic Leaders". Link to text (PDF) Link to text (web page)
  • Endnote: slave marsha, Leather Nation, Leather Self: A Closing Argument for the Leather Leadership Conference 9 Link to text (web page)